Regenerative Connections™

Tara Bennett-Goleman and Dan Goleman Regenerative Connections Series

Tara Bennett-Goleman and Daniel Goleman Present
The Regenerative Connections Series

Our collaboration began years ago – and continues – long before Daniel wrote Emotional Intelligence and before Tara wrote her book Emotional Alchemy.

One of our early workshops was called “Emotional Wisdom.” As we deepened our experience with this work it evolved into the Regenerative Connections™ Series, largely based on Tara’s work with contributions from Daniel and collaborators.

Tara Bennett-Goleman and Dan Goleman Regenerative Connections SeriesThe Series

The Regenerative Connections™ Series lays fertile ground for nurturing connection in relationships of all kinds – starting with ourselves and then expanding out to the interpersonal, the collective, and the natural world.

Workshop 1 Meditation

In this first of 3 successive workshops in the Regenerative Connections™ Series you will learn practices that strengthen one-pointedness, discerning insight, compassion, and a regenerative connection with the natural world.

2024 Series Schedule
June 29
The Arts, Science and Practice of Meditation
September 28 and 29
Patterns that Connect and Disconnect
November 16 and 17
Regenerating Connection in Relationships of All Kinds


Dr Aaron Beck

Founder of Cognitive Therapy

Tara Bennett-Goleman furthers the dialogue of psychology east and west. She is truly a pioneer in the integration of cognitive therapy and mindfulness. This book is not only useful for clinicians, but for people in their everyday lives.