Regenerative Connections™

Tara Bennett-Goleman and Dan Goleman Regenerative-Connections Workshops

Workshop 1
The Arts, Science, and Practice of Meditation
June 29, 2024

Regenerating natural qualities of mind and heart can lead to a growing confidence in our inner resources. This one-day, in-person, workshop on meditation can be taken as a stand-alone session, or as the first in the Regenerative Connections series. This session lays fertile ground for nurturing connection in relationships of all kinds – starting with ourselves and then expanding out to the interpersonal, the collective, and the natural world.

This meditation session is recommended for the next 2 workshops for those attending the whole series.

We will give instructions in four kinds of meditation: one-pointedness, discerning insight, mindful walking, and compassion.

Any of these methods can be used daily by those who are beginning meditation, or as a refresher for more experienced meditators, as well as an innovative lens on the expressions of meditative awareness in everyday life.

Meditation regenerates qualities that can transform negative qualities to positive ones, including greater focus, insight, equanimity, compassion, presence and resilience.

Included in the Workshop

The ways meditative arts such as Japanese flower arranging emphasize learning from symbolic teachings of nature and our inner awareness

The neuroscience of meditation and of connection, its psychological benefits and brain changes

Reflections on phase transitions in nature, in human nature – and their interconnection

Connecting to the part of the mind that can see more clearly

Tuning into the natural world in mindful walks in nearby Hudson River parks.

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Workshop 1 Meditation: $190