Regenerative Connections™

Tara Bennett-Goleman and Dan Goleman Regenerative-Connections Workshops

Workshop 3
Regenerating Connection in Relationships of All Kinds
November 16-17, 2024

Workshop 3 can be taken as a stand-alone session or as the third workshop in the Regenerative Connections series. 

We begin by covering our map of connected and disconnected emotional patterns. Just as we fertilize plants in a garden, we can nurture qualities of awareness and compassion to both enrich our own being and also to benefit others. As findings from social neuroscience tell us, emotions are contagious. Regenerating inner qualities like warmheartedness, understanding and calmness can have a soothing influence on those around us. We will explore how these inner qualities bring harmony to our closest relationships with family, friends, and wherever we work.

Seeing your emotional patterns at work and bringing them into awareness allows us to be sensitive to recognizing these vulnerabilities in others. These patterns operate in our relationships as every level.  As we clear emotional and cognitive obscurations we increasingly connect with the mind’s natural qualities and a genuine sense of interconnection. We will continue to explore how reparative Eastern and Western psychological perspectives and practices can nurture regenerative connections. 

We’ll share real life cases in point. We’ll hear from our collaborator Aaron Wolf about communication skills essential to the relationships in our lives. He’ll show how these skills bring about transformation among people who disagree but come together to manage a river system. We’ll also share how young changemakers create a sense of trust and belonging while being in service to others. We’ll also hear about our friend and mentor, the late Dr. Ariyaratne of Sri Lanka, a model of selfless service who founded Sarvodaya, an organization that helps neighbors work together for common goals.

As Dr. Ari said, “We cannot solve one problem independently; everything is interconnected…for this we need to heal the mind, to transform our thinking”. We will explore regenerative solutions and how we each can expand our circle of caring

In Workshop 3 You Will Learn To:

Build a toolbox of skill ways to being clear, non-reactive communication to your relationships

Explore how to engage in difficult conversations, including ways we ourselves can work more collaboratively

Use recognition of emotional patterns to relate from a clear space rather than a reactive one

Communicate more skillfully and authentically, rather than through the distorted filters of our emotional habits

Work through differences from a place of connection.


Workshop 3 Regenerating: $380

Early Bird Bundle: Workshops 2 Patterns and 3 Regenerating: $660
Save $100 when you register for both workshops between now and August 31, 2024.